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4 July
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Mae Govannen! The following is a work in progress, for all those truly bored enough to bother to read it...

I'm a twenty-one year old diehard LOTR fan, from Edmonds, WA (just north of Seattle). Graduated from community college once, with a general major, although it would have been philosophy if the damn school would've let me declare that.. *grumbles* I've spent a year on break now, working, volunteering, doing the things I'd wanted to do but hadn't because of time, and debating with myself over my future. After months of painstaking thought, general waffling (no egging or pancaking, though!), and complete indecsion, I have now (tentatively) decided on returning to CC for a quarter or two and chalking up some of the basic reqs for getting into a 4-year's CS department.

While you will find the occasional public post, the vast majority of my journal is friends-only. Therefore, you'll have a much more rewarding and entertaining experience here if you are on my friends list. Thusly, I give you my policy on friends: Usually if you friend me, I'll friend you back. If I friend you, then it's cause I liked your journal, so either friend me back, or risk exile, as I do not keep people on my list if I am not on theirs.. Usually. ;) Also, if you've either actually friended me, or just stalk this journal (geeze, you must be bored...), then please stick comments to it! I like having an e-mail box full of "comment recieved" notices.. :p

Lastly... There is a reason I put that big NC-17 tag up top. If you're easily offended, shoo. If you're 12, shoo. If you're both 12 AND easily offended... I pity you. Also, shoo.

"In 100,000 years, when all the great cities of this world are turned to dust, will what you're doing right now really have mattered?"

"To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public."
--Theodore Roosevelt

Serious, major bonus points for anybody who can tell me who said the first one. I know, but do you? :p
Go in Peace, and may the battlechickens have mercy on your soul! ;)

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