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Push trigger to remove any excess liquid.

Stefan's gone and gotten his brain back, and remembers the other part of his earlier post. *nod*

I start work tomorrow. At 4.

Nervous and excited, all at once. :D
I think it'll actually be fun. And it pays. Double :D

Also, Stefan has a cold, and is thus on cold meds. So premptive apologies if I cease to be coherrent.

First off, the tattoo.

So I'm thiking something based around the two major Dynastical Egypt religious systems.

And it's going on my left upper arm. How generic, right? Buh to you, I say. Buh! X'D

On to the ideas I've amased to date.

That's the basic Ankh I'm looking at. It's not mine.

Here's some eyes.

Eye the first
Hieroglyphic Right Eye. Mine. Horrible, but mine.

Eye the second
Hieroglyphic Left Eye. Nontraditional. Also mine. Again horrible.

Eye the third
Artistic rendering of a Right Eye. Mine. Slightly less horrible, but still horrible.

Here's one idea for the final tattoo.

Eye in Ankh
#1. Rendered Right Eye inside Ankh. Eye's mine. Again, horrible. Also tilted for some bizare reason. Thank my scanner. Would probably not be tilted on my arm. Or maybe it would. Consider that.

Other ideas (for which I don't have sketches because I suck at art) include an Ankh with Wadjet in uraeus form wrapped around the bottom, head over the left arm, and a raven Nekhbet perched on the top (#2).

Also up for consideration is the idea of opposing tattoos. Ankh with rendered Right Eye on my left arm, Shen ring with uraeus Wadjet and raven Nekhbet on the right (#3).

Other subject matters up for consideration include Shen rings, Wadjet, Nekhbet, Osiris/Anubis, Thoth, Isis, Ammit, and several other dieties from the Ennead and Ogdoad systems.

Currently favored by me is the opposing tattoo idea (#3).

Your turn. Comment with comments on standing ideas, new ideas altogether.. whatever. Keep in mind that I am positive this is going to be themed on mythology from either the Ennead or Ogdoad, or a heretical combination. Also, feel free to comment with questions if you're curious about anything posted. I'm no Scholar on Dynastic Egypt, but I'm a whore for mythology. ;D
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